Creative writing essay for grade 7. Creative Writing Lesson Plan Collection |

creative writing essay for grade 7

What historical time period and location would you go back to live in if you could?

  • What would you do if you could be invisible for a whole day?
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Then: Think about how today is different from one year ago. How did it make that person feel?

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What types of sounds drive you crazy? Children are great at expressing themselves through art.

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You are designing the cover of a magazine. What will your kite look like? How did it make you feel?

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Who will be champion the superheroes or the villains? What is your greatest belief? The front cover has the thickness of cardboard. Write about something the local government does that people usually take for granted.

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What are some ways people you know can show you that they care about you? Is there a sound that think you is annoying?

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Would you let her sell any of your things? Do you have a favorite song?

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Talk to the children about video business plan grading rubric written developers and the process of creating video games. Maybe your kids will write an essay, maybe a poem, or maybe even a whole book!

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If you could pick the perfect job what would it be? Make a list of things that make you feel thankful and choose one to write about. You are a detective on the case to investigate.

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  • Who are the people who come to shop at your store?

You are given a challenge to drop an egg on the floor — without it breaking! Do you have a good luck charm? How can you try to improve it? Write a story about a kid who is starting at a new school. Have you ever been to a museum?

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Snooze Button - Studies have shown that tweens and teens need more sleep. Now vs.

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You are the security guard at the zoo and someone has stolen a rhinoceros! If you could invent a video game what kind of game would you create and why? Describe a time you were pressured or bullied and how it affected you. You and your classmates are all superheroes!

Who would you give it to? Have you ever been friends with someone who was unpopular or not part of the group? If you could break a world record, what would it be?

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What makes you feel loved and cared about? What sounds does the animal make? This is a great product, it keeps the children writing nice, neat and organized. Your friend wants to do something dangerous. You go downstairs to investigate to see a large machine running with many lights and buttons.

Why were you laughing?