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creative writing prompt 7th grade

Creative Writing Story Starters for Kids!

Most importantly: Is it safe to eat? What do you do when someone disagrees with your opinions?

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What made this decision so difficult? If you were the owner of a theme park, what college essay editing service of rides and attractions would have? It happened so quickly I had no time to think, only react.

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What can you do to set a good example for others to be kind? Famous People Creative Writing Prompts and Journal Ideas Who is a person that is alive today that you would most like to meet and talk to?

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Write about a trip to the zoo. What will your kite look like?

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If you were in charge of the whole world, what would you do to make the world a happier place? Imagine the perfect treehouse or clubhouse for you and all of your friends as a place to hang out. You are opening a store! Write a story about a super hero dog who saves the day!

The Ultimate List of 300 Fun & Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

If you could breathe under water, what would you do with that special ability? What does it mean to have school spirit?

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Why do you think they are so boring all of the time? If not, what are some charities you think you might like to volunteer for?

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Updated June 06, By seventh grade, students should be refining the core writing skills of brainstorming, researching, outlining, drafting, and revising. The school librarian has called you to help her.

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A musical instrument? Explain what would make a good teacher.

Write instructions for how to make your favorite snack. Have you ever had to apologize for something you did? What are some things about you that make you an individual? What do you do with these new found creative writing florida state university powers?

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You are walking through the forrest when one of the trees starts talking to you. If you could take lessons to learn how to do something new, what would you choose to learn?

What would you do if you were invited to two parties on the same day? What grade level would you most like to work with?

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Write about a time when you were surprised. Imagine you walk out your front door one morning and it is raining popcorn! Is it a good idea to keep ALL secrets a secret?

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What types of plants would you want to grow? When would you use this ability? Do you think it is a good idea for kids to write a daily journal? Write about your favorite sport and why you like it so much. A kind teacher that I will always remember. What is your most significant memory from each grade level in school?

7th Grade Writing Prompts

What can you say to make them feel better? What is something you learned today?

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What stops you from doing this thing frequently? Is there a homework subject you dread?

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How can you show your school spirit? Imagine you are trading places with your friend for a day.

How do you clean everything up?

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?