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Kings college london thesis format, what should i...

kings college london thesis format

Discuss how any new ideas for research will fit into your thesis with your supervisor, so that you can avoid chasing red herrings that are not PhD material.

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Format of Thesis - Kings college london thesis format bound and Hard bound The thesis must include: Title page — including the thesis title, the student's full name and the degree for which it is submitted Abstract - of up to 5, words Table of contents — including any material not bound in the book, and a list of tables, photographs and any other materials The thesis must be printed according to the following specifications: Plain white A4 sized paper x mm One sided printing Margins at the binding edge must be not less than 40 mm and other margins not less than 20 mm Double or 1.

We will remove the thesis from view immediately while any such claims are investigated.

Research programmes

Letter of application example volunteer e-theses Under College regulations you are required to submit an electronic copy of your PhD thesis as well as one printed copy.

But it is at the discretion of the supervisor and the student how submission of written work for letter of application example volunteer is put into practice. Please note, the library tends not to hold MA level dissertations. Any of these conditions can be kent state creative writing minor if you receive permission from the author.

A dissertation which is not on the approved subject or which is submitted after the deadline is liable to be failed with a mark of zero.

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Please wait! Any material which cannot be bound in with the text must be placed in a pocket inside or attached to the back cover or in a rigid container. What are the RD Examination team doing?

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If you are a research degree candidate whose thesis includes scores, commentary, CDs, DVDs or art work your Faculty will often recommend a box to protect the contents. Precise titles of dissertations, as approved by the supervisor, must be submitted via email by early July for approval by the Postgraduate Taught Assessment Sub Board. Coversheets are important in case the pdf of a theses is found directly, by a Google search for example, rather than being found as a link from the repository record.

This is generally considered to be an adequate diseration in etheses repositories, and very few such requests are made. The original work in a PhD thesis usually is equivalent to two or more published papers. By the middle of your second year, you should have a good idea of what the main chapters will look like, and have some sections in an early draft.

Getting started

Students will be contacted directly to request the submission of their title. The bulk of the essential secondary literature on the subject is in languages which the student can read. There should be a substantial survey of the relevant literature and full explanations of the experimental or theoretical techniques used.

They should be numbered consecutively for clarity of reference in the text, have a brief identifying caption, and should be reproduced clearly.

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Students should note that supervisors can best help when written work has been submitted for comment, but that dissertation uk help is unwise to expect supervisors to be able to read and comment on substantial drafts submitted for the first time only in August hbcu mfa creative writing September, without checking their availability.

The generic email response shows we have received it and will be working on your request, whatever it relates to.

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Please see the Submission of work page for word length guidance. Students awarded a research degree since January are encouraged to submit an electronic version for the King's Research Portal. The hard copy should have a completed coversheet attached: see right-hand link and also available to download from the KEATS submission area.

Very rarely at this stage, more likely if there has been no prior contact between your supervisor and the examiner, an examiner may refuse the nomination themselves.

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Students and supervisors should meet at least once before the end of Semester 1, and around four times thereafter. It is made up of academics within your Faculty who scrutinise the RD1 Form and check the examiners are appropriate and suitable for your Oral Examination and to complete all examiner duties.

Key stages & assessment requirements

If separate from the bound volume, it must be labelled with the same information as the title page Each copy of the thesis must be accompanied by a full set of this material If examiners have requested a soft bound copy of your thesis, these can be spiral bound, they do not need to be bound as a blue book.

Usually, there are between 5 and 10 chapters, including an introduction and a conclusions chapter.

Uniform interface exception

They will advise on the expertise and suitability of the examiner nominees and check any potential conflicts of interest the supervisor, or you as the candidate, may have with the nominees. However if you have not experienced any issues with your deadline you should wait until you have heard from our team via email that your examiners have been approved to examine before submitting your thesis.

Non Commercial: You may not use this work for commercial purposes. This email will be copied into you and your supervisor for your records. There should be a conclusion summarising your own response to the problem s raised. Take down policy The coversheet also states the take down policy in case anyone considers that the thesis breaches copyright.

Please ask at the Library Enquiry Desk for more details and a request form. Please contact the library before visiting to avoid being disappointed.

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A dissertation is similar to an essay but its scale and academic purpose require you to plan and structure your material and ideas more carefully, to discuss problems in more detail and to note kings college london thesis format the sources of your information and ideas -- that is to write a scholarly piece of research. Theses are made available online via King's Research Portalthe front end of our institutional repository Pure.

Word length The dissertation must be no longer than 12, words.

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We would recommend the submission of drafts to your supervisor in stages. A selection of recent titles of dissertations can be found here.

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The hard copy will be available for students to collect at the end of the examination process. A dissertation should begin with a brief explanation of the topic chosen and the problem s that the dissertation addresses. Getting started Research students: Writing your thesis Your thesis is a record of the research you do to qualify you for the award of the degree of PhD or MPhil.

Illustrations should be relevant to the discussion, not merely decorative. Soft bound Thesis Some examiners like to receive a print copy of your thesis, in addition to the electronic version. Please note that we do not have a subscription to the full-text.