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Wall art statement pieces, home...

wall art statement pieces

If you want your poster to last for a long time, you will want to either mount it on a hard backing or frame it right away, as the thin paper can easily become damaged.

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Gently lean in against the wall for an effortless look. Although this piece is large in scale, the soft floral patterns in muted tones won't overpower a space. DIY Leaf Splatter Print: Create a set of them for a bold injection of color, or display types of hypothesis research design selectively to add balance.

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While there is definitely cross over as to the types and styles you can use in different rooms, each room does have its own options that work best. Your Height Many people make the mistake of hanging wall art that is too high to enjoy.

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Rosette Backdrop: You can use these bright paper rosettes as a photobooth back drop or as an art installation. What should you hang on the wall over your bed? There are also many websites that have free design templates to follow when designing the layout service writing kolkata your art pieces or photography.

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Also, pay close attention to the color scheme used, as you can pick up tones from the art to use throughout your home. Think carefully about the shape of the wall as well. The dining room is a defend thesis meaning where you gather with your family, share a meal, and spend quality time together.

Metal Source: Etsy Metal is quickly becoming more and more popular as a material jobs cover letter sample wall art because it makes such a statement.

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Having grown up in England and lived in London for many years this illustration of the British capital filled me with nostalgia. Tell types of hypothesis research design in the comments! Oversized colorful artwork Use an oversized piece of artwork to bring contrasting colors into your sleeping space. If you are in a time crunch or really want to finish decorating your home, you will definitely want to buy framed art, as it will speed up how quickly you can hang your artwork.

This giant calendar will keep you track, and looks striking in its simplicity.

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The colors and design are simple upon first glance, but the thick brushstrokes certainly make a statement. Material Source: Home Depot Wood is becoming more and more popular for wall art, although some people want the texture and the weight of wood but prefer that the actual wood grain and color be completely painted over.

A series of succulent holders Etsy If you just can't quit the succulent trendwe hear you. Answering this question can also help you find a piece of wall art that will fit in your room of choice.

Why was I sent here?

Glowing Hearts Wall Art: Use battery powered string lights to make this glowing work of art. Photography Source: Hayneedle This is a classic type of wall art and one that you will generally see in every home you enter.

Look for a mirror that is large enough for you to easily use and which also has a thick decorative frame. When choosing watercolor art, you will want to take special letter of application for university admission examples to pick a piece that is large enough for the details to be seen.

Take this into consideration when making your next design move.

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  3. Size Source: Houzz When you want wall art that will either blend in with other pieces in your home or force people to come close to get a really good look at it, you will want to opt for artwork that is quite small in size.
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If your design tastes change faster than you can hammer a nail, then perhaps you want design options that are easy and versatile. The monochromatic palette creates a contemporary and sophisticated vibe that I love, too.

You guys know how much I crush on any and all shades of blue, so no surprise that I love this artwork! DIY Leaf Art: Consider yourself lucky enough to leave in a climate with palm fronds, and even luckier that you can create this stunning graphic piece using something you found outside.

You can go with a quote, wallpaper, wood, accent wall plus many more ideas. If you want to enjoy the warmth of wood in your home, look for options with an exposed grain. With coastal art, you will find soft, muted colors such as blues and browns, as well as many water scenes.

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This can create a beautiful contrast when the wood is painted over or has printing on it. A rectangularly shaped landscape would fit on a rectangular wall space, hallway, or above a sofa.

Living Room Wall Art

You may want to consider several options before making your final choice. If the shelves aren't you style, you can even go for a series of tiny wall-mount planters.

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These will make you feel like you are in an art museum, as they are very large and can truly command a space. Click for Office Wall Art Ideas.

  • This can create a beautiful contrast when the wood is painted over or has printing on it.
  • Click for Office Wall Art Ideas.

Cabinets and backsplash take up much of the wall surface area. Mirrors For a design touch that'll also make your bedroom appear bigger, try hanging bold mirrors above the bed. The great thing about animal art is that it looks alive.