How to Write the Project Statement of Work (SOW)

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tips for writing a statement of work

Visualizations, pictures, and examples go a long way in explaining your goals and needs.

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Include the reports and other communications you intend to use to keep your stakeholders informed on project progress. Without that, it's like saying to a contractor, 'Build me a house,' [without] telling him when, what kind or how big.

The objective section states the marketing or business objectives of the project, and a high-level overview of the solution. This article was written for the purpose of providing the project management practitioner with tips and tricks for producing an effective SOW. These 9 tips are just an opener regarding writing statements of work and how to use them in contracts.

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What elements do you think are critical to include when writing a statement of work?

Miller gives a great list of possible verbs in an article college essay thesis examples the August issue of Contract Management: Track, document, refine, create, coordinate, install, verify, define, develop, perform, integrate, conduct, assist, provide, resolve, monitor, acquire, test, revise, record, conduct, maintain, inform, identify, use, install, implement, etc. Write in clear, understandable sentences Because contract values can be in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, it is very important that your statement of work is written in a clear and easy-to-read format and that all the requirements be clearly outlined.

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The Scope Statement tends to capture the deliverables of your project at a high level; your SOW will contain these deliverables, when they are to be delivered by, and how the deliverables will be built. Don't forget a timetable. Be consistent with terms used throughout the document i.

To make that happen, an effective SOW should include things like: Project objectives: Your problem statement.

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Payment Terms It is always smart to be upfront when discussing money. Where is the project work going to take place? Contact her at marykpratt verizon.

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While many companies create their own customized statements of work that vary based on the specific project proposal, they all have certain components in common. Expected Outcomes: The answer to your problem statement. You may not want to include project management work if you will be performing the work for an internal client.

You can do this by posting the SOW on a publicly readable site with other project documents for public consumption. There is no benefit in repeating statements or drawing points out just to fill space. This thesis teaching writing including assumptions on effort, time, and resources.

Scope of Work template and outline

This is even worse when sentences have complicated lists in them or the reader has to peruse 30 pages. What is the type of work that is being done? What is a statement of work? Background Summarize the project's general requirements for the reader, as well as what business needs it will address.

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SOW Template. Each section is explained in detail below. RSS Writing an effective statement of work is crucial if you want best writing services reviews make sure that the work is performed according to specific guidelines as well as define the responsibilities and expectations of both parties involved in a project.

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The format is less important as you can either develop this as a table in Microsoft Word, or you can get-and-paste images directly from Microsoft Project into the SOW document. Use an active voice This seems like a minute detail, but passive voice can really jumble up sentences. Include All Relevant Reference Documents Be sure that you have read and that you completely understand the content of anything that is being referenced.

Guerrero recommends using language that allows some flexibility rather than a fixed date on the calendar. Contract terms and payment schedule Identify which payments will be made by the customer upfront and which are phased, as well as when they will be due. Think about functionality and list out everything the software will do right down to what fields are going to be included and where that form is being sent.

Why and how should you use an SOW?

Your Scope Statement would include that language. It should be easy to see how a message can get muddied with the use of passive voice. You bought into the value of the project. Deliverables: What do you need at the end of the project?

Back to Basics: How to Write a Statement of Work

You can also list if any regular meetings are going to take place like a daily Scrum and when and where those will take place. MS Project. The Scope Statement will give you information about what it is you need to build.

All materials should be built into the SOW. Always consult an attorney or tax professional regarding your specific legal or tax situation. In particular, your SOW should include the following: An introduction Use the introduction to clearly define the type of work to be performed.

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Therefore, it needs to be especially clear, use language everyone understands, and set detailed tasks, deliverables, and other services. Location of the work — Where the location of the work to be done would be other than a standard location. Security requirements If contractors are hired, describe in detail unique security requirements e.

Define technical jargon and spell out any acronyms. Any scope-related assumptions should have been already included in the scope section.

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The project management tool that developers and managers love. If details are left out, it will fall on you. More articles about Project Application letter for office administrator position.

How to Write a Statement of Work

After all, a large factor in meeting your own deliverables is having a cooperative partner on the other end. An unclear sentence or failure to properly define requirements in a Request for Proposal RFPRequest for Information RFI or other solicitation can cause confusion or lead to a protest from a bidding contractor, which can push back even the most time-sensitive project several months.

Many people include tasks within the list of deliverables. That's why a SOW needs to include time elements. Some phases may be more detailed than others.