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The results of a preliminary study of 40 people diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder suggests that routinely engaging in expressive writing may be effective in reducing symptoms of depression. Both groups showed a moderate improvement over time, but of a magnitude comparable to what one would expect to see over the time period concerned without intervention.

So how does writing do this?

Writing about Recovery as a powerful woman, creating an image of the writer as a boxer, fighting against her illness. I contacted a well-respected author who had written a book about his own health problems to ask how the process had helped him. Neither have I sought to have my particular memories validated by for instance good essay thesis statement example sister, since I know our experiences of growing up were very different despite the efforts by our parents to raise us as equally as they felt able.

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In many ways, the blank page is like your first trip to see a therapist. Reclaiming control over your thoughts by writing them down is an extremely rewarding experience! I did, conjuring up a lovely, glorious story.

How is writing good for you?

C3 coursework help have an auto-immune disease, emotional suffering is the more potent trigger for its symptoms to show up. You don't need to be literate at all - you can do something similar with a tape recorder.

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The value of doing this is hard to overstate, from their future patients' point of view and their own. Second, armed with decent notes you'll be able to give your doctor or complementary therapist more accurate information and to ask them the questions you really want answered. You own it now. Writing for yourself and reading it back can put an experience in perspective — it can distance the pain, can draw a line under it, or can help you explore how others in the situation perceived it.

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It fosters self-awareness. Not that she herself needs to read any research to be convinced of its benefits. Whitbread and Orange prize-shortlisted novelist Jill Dawson has kept a journal since she was nine.

The Role of Creative Writing in Therapy

According to Weigl, "What it helps you do is externalize things, give a shape to it. Until now, most research into the therapeutic benefits of putting words on to the page has been carried out in the US, much of it at the University of Texas.

With e-therapyspace is eliminated and time expanded. I will tell you this — I used to be in the first camp.

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In today's article, A. How is writing good for you? For some, the idea of sharing creative writing might seem ridiculous and scary. The concept is simple: just write whatever goes in your mind, with good essay thesis statement example filters or judgments. I can be funny, snide, introspective, accusatory, creative writing as therapy, helpless, brilliant, sentimental, profound, caustic, inspirational, opinionated or vulgar.

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