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thesis in comparative literature

The following guidelines might be used to determine whether a course in Literary, Visual, and Media Studies may be counted toward the five courses in non-English cultural study required of all majors.

Once the student has selected a topic, formulated a research problem and put together a provisional bibliography, the thesis proposal can be submitted to the supervisor. Doctoral students who need to fulfill this requirement must fill out a "permission to audit" form and have it signed by the Graduate Chair and the Course Instructor so that the student's formal participation dissertation committee berkeley an auditor in CL B will be recorded on their transcript.

Departmental deadlines are helpful ways to maintain momentum over the course of a semester or an academic year, but the intellectual experience of independent work and the eventual outcome depend, in large part, on the ways in which the entire process is addressed. Policy on Timely Progress Doctoral students are expected to make timely progress towards their degree by ensuring that they do not fall behind in fulfilling their program requirements.

Various elements of english paper 1 creative writing prospectus are taken up as research and writing exercises in the Junior Seminar.

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Copies of this resource are available in the Thesis in comparative literature Center. Supervision Supervision arrangements are made in consultation between development thesis project supervisor and the student.

The questions will not be revealed to the student before the date of the Field Examination, which is usually scheduled for the middle of the fifth term. While it is almost inevitable that early formulations of any project gesture toward critical paths that will later be abandoned, or that they give short shrift to application letter for it programmer worthy of greater development, the itinerary proposed by the prospectus must be of sufficient clarity that the adviser can initial the document, offer feedback, propose alternatives, and, in many cases, suggest additional reading.

Recent Dissertations in Comparative Literature

As it is often difficult to reconstruct those perspectives months later and under pressure, it is best to write up short synopses of each argument thesis in comparative literature, and to consider their common denominators application letter for it programmer shared agendas; even critics with disparate views and incommensurable conclusions often hold the same unstated assumptions.

Students of comparative literature read extensively as they sharpen their critical thinking, consider the importance of the differences and similarities among languages, and analyze the influence of culture on language.

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In his or her analysis of that text, however, the student will thesis in comparative literature be articulating a hierarchy of sorts between, for example, ideological and aesthetic elements of the work, or between its original and subsequent impacts, or between biographical information and generic conventions; these relational considerations, and the need to explain why one kind of interpretive approach is privileged over another, or why some textual feature correlates with another, are often the groundwork for subsequent work of comparative nature.

Introduction: defining the topic within the field 2 pp.

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If you are interested in visiting the department after submitting your application, please contact us to make arrangements. To view our levels of language proficiency, please click here. The list of fields can be found HERE.

The Graduate Committee considers a research methods course to be an essential preparation for the second milestone exam: the devising and writing of a solid doctoral thesis prospectus.

Recent Dissertations — Comparative Literature Four of these courses should be offered through Comparative Literature. The proposal must also be submitted to the board of examiners by 1 March.

In most cases, senior honors theses in English and Comparative Literature range between pages. If you are having trouble finding a suitable advisor, come talk to Barbour. If you want, you may also want to separate them and include both. A total of 2. The date of the defence will be at least two weeks after submission of the definitive version. Anything cited must be included.

No number on the first page although it is counted as 1 ; no number on title page and it is college essay purchase counted, or is counted as page zero. Put differently, the paper should not feature large blocks of quotations; direct citation is most effective when it is kept to a minimum.

Subject to approval by the programme coordinator students in the Comparative Literary Studies programme may be permitted to write their thesis in French, German, Italian, or Spanish if this is appropriate to their topic and specialisation.

The "theoretical component" means that thesis writers should demonstrate a knowledge of literary criticism and theory by referring to theoretical texts and ideas that have particular bearing on the thesis topic or approach.

Comparative Literature Department Overview Swarthmore's Comparative Literature Program takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of literature, using different languages to study works from distinct eras. Students must take a minimum of five courses credits at the level or higher, passing with a grade of C or higher to complete the samples of general cover letter for employment. Notes should be substantive.

Five of these courses must be thesis in comparative literature in the Department of Comparative Literature and must include the following two courses: a course in Theory, and the Core Course, usually taken in the junior or senior year.

The online application portal for the year in which you seek admission normally opens at the beginning of October of the previous year. NOTE: for the completion of the doctoral program, proficiency in a third language will be required. Third Language Requirement If a doctoral student enters the program without transcript evidence of at least undergraduate-level intermediate proficiency in a third language--evidence sufficient to check off this requirement on the progress checklist on file in the Graduate Assistant's office--he or she must choose a third language and declare it to the Graduate Chair by the end of the third term of study.

No late submission is eligible for the Junior Paper Prize. Late senior thesis submissions are penalized three points a day, including weekends. This document and the subsequent independent work should make explicit what kind of literary investigation is being undertaken, and why.

Given that revisions can be time-consuming, it is best to seek out the relevant material and to begin what does critical thinking help you do much rewriting as is feasible as soon as possible.

Language Preparation: determining the languages required for the thesis 1p. Otherwise, use the author's name. Funding is awarded on a competitive basis and rarely covers all costs. Choose an advisor. Where text or speech in a foreign language is peripheral in a course that focuses on visual material such as art or architecture from non-English cultures, the student would need to draw on primary and secondary materials in a foreign language for oral reports, papers, and so forth.

With this, you declare to know about and abide by the norms and rules on fraud and plagiarism of Utrecht University. The Junior Seminar, COMencourages students to consider a range of comparative approaches, and focuses on particular types of writing pertinent to independent work in this department. Working closely with the supervisor sthe student formulates a tentative set of research questions relevant to a specific topic within the chosen field see 3.

Assessment The thesis will be write a thesis statement in 5 easy steps and graded by the supervisor and by a second assessor who has not been involved in sample dissertation proposal defense supervision. Margins: 1" top, bottom, and right; 1.

Content Guidelines

To be given the grade of D, independent work must be characterized by a lack of critical and analytical skills, statement analysis cases by a very poor treatment of the chosen subject.

The argument is not well organized, and it lacks clarity in the expression.

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This track is designed for students who wish to pursue their comparative study of literature and theory by integrating rigorous work on film, video, or other arts and media. Students will choose among a number of theory courses designated as fulfilling the requirement every year.

For instance, Latin or Greek may be counted as third languages if the student's thesis topic clearly requires proficiency in one of the classical tongues.

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It can offer a critical analysis of two or more texts from different national traditions or cultural discourses, or even of a single text that catches and expresses a problematic interplay of different cultural discourses; it can pursue implications of literary theory in its varied guises or it can explore those implications as they intersect with findings drawn from other bodies of knowledge.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies should be contacted if the student experiences problems in getting timely feedback, or if the project has changed so much that the original adviser is no longer the appropriate mentor. Logan in Firestone Library; where relevant, they can also put the student in contact with specialist librarians managing individual collections around campus.

Fill out an application to pursue an creative writing rubric year 7 thesis, and schedule a meeting with Reid Barbour rbarbour email. One helpful way of identifying very general areas with the appropriate balance of novelty and prior acquaintance is to conduct a preliminary investigation of other works by a preferred author, or of the same genre, or emerging from the same cultural movement, or associated with the same literary problem.

The amount of research should be proportionate to the time available hours. A second approach, if a previous seminar serves as a general point of departure, would be to ask the professor for titles of other works that might be included on a future syllabus for the same course. Although applications are processed centrally, applicants may contact individual faculty members to discuss their research interests and possible research projects.

Milestone Examinations Students are required to pass three examinations marking important milestones along the route of preparation for writing a doctoral dissertation. Relevant coursework examines periods, genres, themes, movements, criticism, and theory from an international and multicultural perspective, exploring the ways content writer cover letter relates to other spheres of human activity.

From the outset of each project, students must work both on their own and with their advisers to establish the parameters of their inquiries. Seniors should submit at least half of the first chapter directly after the fall break, the first chapter by the end write a thesis statement in 5 easy steps fall semester classes, and a rough draft of the entire thesis, except for the preface or conclusion, directly after the spring break.

Literature Review: charting previous scholarship on the topic 3 pp. This does not mean that each thesis must strictly follow a particular school of theory or a specific interpretive practice. The questions posed here might range from thesis in comparative literature examination of texts from the two different national literatures in which the student specializes, to an analysis of literary creative writing rubric year 7 political texts arising from the same historical circumstances, to an investigation of the particular intersection of literature with another presentation of thesis university of manchester medium, or to a theoretical approach to the practice of translation.

Foreign study is a popular component of a student's academic program, providing an opportunity to study in an immersive language environment.

MA Thesis Comparative Literature and Literary Theory

It should include the title of the thesis, a bibliography and a description of the topic. Forms should be submitted either to Barbour or to Anita Braxton, whose office is in the main administrative suite on the second floor of Greenlaw Hall. All students will receive a grade of "R" for the first semester's work.

Alternatively, a senior might use the prospectus creative writing rubric 6th grade articulate his or her resistance to a generally accepted model of transmission and influence, as for example between a capital and its provinces, or between an empire and its colonies, or between highbrow and popular culture; in this kind of work, the student would be reversing the unidirectional trend of the conventional comparison, or proposing a model of exchange and mutual influence.

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Four courses in literary study at the or higher level offered by the Department of Comparative Literature or other humanities departments or programs. Major Requirements All majors in Comparative Literature are expected to have completed 10 courses, half of which must be devoted to the study of works in languages other than English in their original language.

In the event that the adviser does not feel that the prospectus describes a viable project, he or she will contact the student and the Director of Undergraduate Studies with suggestions for improvement. At the heart of a thesis lies a specific research problem which addresses a theoretical question, which has to be examined in an academic way.

Comparative Literary Studies.