Dissertation Literature Review | How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review

What is thesis literature review, what is a literature review?

what is thesis literature review

New York: Harcourt Brace, Resolve conflicts amongst seemingly contradictory previous studies.

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Methodological If you draw your sources from different disciplines or fields that use who help me with my homework variety of research methodsyou might want to compare the results and conclusions that emerge from different approaches. Third, there are the perceptions, conclusions, opinion, and interpretations that are shared informally that become part of the lore of field.

Here again, if the same authors are being cited again and again, this may indicate no new literature has been written on the topic.

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Clarify If your assignment is not very specific, seek clarification from your instructor: Roughly how many sources should you include? In other words, a chronological review would have subsections for each vital time period. It is often not until you start explaining something in writing that you find where your argument is weak, and you need to collect more evidence. Here are a few other sections you might want to consider: Current Situation: Information necessary to understand the topic or focus of the literature review.

You can use it to discuss various theories, models, and definitions of key concepts.

Importance of a Good Literature Review

The critical evaluation of each work should consider: Provenance -- what are the author's credentials? By formulating problems beforehand, you will avoid wasting hours in aimless reading.

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Questions for Further Research: What questions about the field has the review sparked? For sample cover letters for business positions source you are reviewing ask yourself these questions: What are the key terms and concepts?

When do you have to write a literature review?

Body Depending on the length of your literature review, you might want to divide the body into subsections. Stand-alone literature review If you are writing a stand-alone paper, give some background on the topic and its importance, discuss the scope of the literature you will review for example, the time period of your sourcesand state your objective.

Sort through other current bibliographies or literature reviews in the field to get a sense of what your discipline expects.

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How have they used non-textual elements [e. Do they reveal a trend in the field?

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Your interpretation may be self-evident to you, but it may not be to everyone else. Interpretation You need to be actively involved in interpreting the literature that you are reviewing, and in explaining that interpretation to the reader, rather than just listing what others have written. It is essential to check that you have constructed your synthesis well, and with sufficient supporting evidence.

As you read widely but selectively in your topic area, consider instead what themes or issues connect your sources together. The literature review often appears near the start of your dissertation, and is a key part of your overall dissertation structure.

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Please do not use this list as a model for the format of your own reference list, as it may not match the citation style you are using. In some subject areas classic texts retain their authority for literally thousands of years; cutting edge scientific research will need to be more mindful of the dangers of consulting obsolete data.

The purpose is to place research in a historical context to show who help me with my homework with state-of-the-art developments and to identify the likely directions for future research.

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What other sections you include in the body is up to you. Your thesis supervisor may be a great resource. The process of conducting and reporting your literature review can help you clarify your own thoughts about your study. Upper Saddle River, N. What are you searching the literature to discover?

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What are you being asked to do in your literature review? Second are the reviews of those studies that summarize and offer new interpretations built from and often extending beyond the primary studies. History: the chronological progression of the field, the literature, or an idea that is necessary to term paper sevices the literature review, if the body of the literature review is not already a chronology.

Similarly, if there are some studies that you will be referring to more than to others, it would be useful to give them a full report and critique at this stage. How does the publication relate to other literature in the field? A literature review: situates your research focus within the context of the wider academic community in your field; reports your critical review of the relevant literature; and identifies a gap within that literature that your research will attempt to address.

Be wary of saying that your research will solve a problem, or that it will change practice. Reveal any gaps that exist in the literature. Plagiarism Plagiarism is regarded as a serious offence by all Universities, and you need to make sure that you do not, even accidentally, commit plagiarism.

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  2. Moreover, if you find that the literature available is too sparse, or conversely, insurmountable; it is worth reconsidering your research questions to develop a more constrained focus on the topic at hand.
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  5. Dissertation Literature Review | How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review
  6. In a research paper, you use the literature as a foundation and as support for a new insight that you contribute.

Summarize and synthesize Remember to summarize and synthesize your sources within each paragraph as well as throughout the review. Footer Download Now!!