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poetry creative writing exercise

Tip: Choose metaphors that are visually interesting. Poetry Writing Exercises These poetry writing exercises are designed to get you pay someone to do my physics homework about rhythm, language, and imagery in your writing.

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Or, take a cue from Kermit the Frog, and ask yourself, why are there so many songs about rainbows? Even for serious poets who would never try to publish an acrostic poem, this is a great exercise to get creative juices flowing.

Try to go way off topic from what the original lyrics were about.

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  • Anniversary: Write about the anniversary of a special date.

Cartoon: Think of your favorite cartoon or thisissand start. Video Inspiration: Go to Vimeo. Frame It: Write a poem or some phrases that would make for good wall art in your home. Cure: Write about finding a cure for an illness.

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Now write a poem that sums up the entire story in 10 lines. Heat: Write about being overheated and sweltering. Marathon Runner: Write a poem about what training you might be doing to accomplish a difficult challenge in your life. Queen: Write a poem from the perspective of a queen.

Time Travel: If there was a time period you could visit for a day, where would you go? Write about whatever the page you get.

Why We Need Creative Writing Exercises Like This

Poetry creative writing exercise, the hard part: write another word. Write a poem in which every line begins with the poetry creative writing exercise word. Defying Gravity: Use words that relate to being weightless and floating. There are unlimited possibilities for ways you can use these poem ideas to write poetry. Write about a time when you took a chance and what the result was.

Where Does Perfectionism Come From?

Games: Write about the games people play — figuratively or literally. Spice: Write about flavors and tastes or a favorite spice of yours. Interview: Write a poetry creative writing exercise of questions you have for someone you would like to interview, real or fictional. Or maybe you could write a poem about that time you met a friend at a cafe. Rewrite it in your own words.

Liar, Liar: Make up a poem or story of complete lies about yourself or someone else. Leave a comment!

Have Fun with These Poetry Writing Exercises!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. What are people doing? Light at the End of the Tunnel: Write about a time when you saw hope when it seemed like a hopeless situation.

Dear Reader: What audience enjoys reading the type of poetry you like to write?

Writing Games

The Vessel: Write about a ship or other vehicle that can take you somewhere different from where you are now. Jealousy: Write with a theme of envy and jealousy. Country Mouse: Write about someone who grew up in the country visiting the city for the first time. Architect: Imagine you are hired to design a building for a humanitarian cause you are passionate about.

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Remember, a metaphor is when we say one thing is another thing. I Believe: Write your personal credo of things you believe in. Boxes: What kinds of family secrets or stories might be hiding in that untouched box in the attic? Exercise 3 — Sensory Observations Poetry is truly indefinable, but there are a lot of things poetry can do.

I thought I was talented.

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  2. Flipside: Find the good in something terrible.
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Wait Your Turn: Write about having to wait in line. Empathy: Write about your feelings of empathy or compassion for another person. Doctor: Write a poem about receiving advice from a doctor. Museum: Take some time to visit a nearby museum with your journal.

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Perfectionism begins with pride.