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Thesis on work life balance and job satisfaction, item...

thesis on work life balance and job satisfaction

Rather, pleasing or displeasing are the attributes that are socially constructed.


Comparing telework locations and traditional work arrangements. Richard E. Social Relevance of work: QWL is concerned about the establishment of social relevance to work in a socially beneficial banner.

Satisfaction and Work-life Balance | Job Satisfaction | Work–Life Balance An exploration of the effects of work life balance on productivity.

Also, job satisfaction is negatively related to work holism. The following study aims to study if work-life balance plays role in the satisfaction level of such employees who exhibit workaholic behavioral pattern in banking employees. Findings of the Study 7.

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Different models explaining job satisfaction include, Affect Theory Locke, in which he explained that job satisfaction is described by a personal wants and what he gets from his job, he give different value to different facets of his job according to his own discretion; dispositional theory Judge, i.

The study hypotheses were tested using Pearson correlation and multiple regression analysis. Drew, Murtagh, Participative management and control of work: The trade unions and workers believe that workers participation in management and decision - making improves QWL.

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International Journal of Social Economics, Job satisfaction is very important for effective and efficient organization. It refers to the favorable or unfavorable aspect of a job environment for people working in the organization.

At this backdrop, Quality of Work Life QWL has emerged as one of the most important aspect of Job that ensures long term association of the employees with the organization. Journal of Occupational Health PsychologyVol 4 4pp.

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Effect of occupational stress and work-life balance on job satisfaction among female faculties of central universities in Delhi. Mukhtar, F. James and Jones and more recently James and Tetrick suggest that the relationship between fulfilled expectations and job satisfaction is not linear but reciprocal. Social Behavior and Personality dissertation writing services hyderabad, 35, —, Anwar Ali S.

Journal of Managerial PsychologyVol.


Because of the facilities that are unavailable will lead for low productivity, stress, unsatisfaction, etc. Academy of Management JournalVol. QWL establishes a clear objective that high performance can be achieved with high job satisfaction.

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Active, Passive, High and Low strain jobs. Social integration in the work place: it can be established by creating freedom from prejudice, supporting primary work groups, a sense of community and inter personal open legalitarianism and upward mobility.

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Richard E. White employees had signifi cantly stronger experiences of job satisfaction and negative home-work interface, while black employees had signifi cantly stronger positive experiences of home-work interface and lower levels of job satisfaction. These researches have also shown that demographic components like age and gender also affect the work holism pattern.

Suggestions 8.

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The purpose of this research is to study relationship of job satisfaction in those employees who exhibit workaholic behavior pattern. Mengistu, G. To investigate the relationship between job satisfaction and work holism among employees working in banks 3.

Employee’s satisfaction with their job is an important aspect of organizational behavior.

Because of this opportunity given to the employee will also bring to the responsibility for finishing work within specified time. Journal of Managerial Psychology, Work-Life Balance and Job Satisfaction among Malaysian Healthcare Employees Muhamad Khalil BIN Omar Abstract Increasing participation of women and dual career couples into the employment world, together with the establishment of non-standard work arrangements have affected the employees' ability to juggle between work and life and therefore influencing the satisfaction in performing their job especially among those who are working in hour operating companies such in a healthcare industry.

Community Mental Health Journal—,

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